If too many MCUs are returned after a search, you can easily go back to the GOPHER Input Form to narrow the results iteratively. You can then refine the parametric search criteria step-by-step using one or both of two distinct search narrowing methods as follows:

Add functionality search criteria that is required for your design. This can reduce the number of search results to show ONLY those MCUs that represent the "best fit" according to your newly added search criteria. For example, if you forgot to include a feature that was important such as a Watch Dog Timer (WDT), checking this box in Sec. 10 of the Input Form will alter the search results. Only those MCUs that feature a WDT will show up, without changing all the other parameters previously selected, but will eliminate any MCUs that showed in the previous results that did not contain a WDT.


Eliminate unnecessary functionality that is either unwanted or unneeded by using GOPHER’s proprietary feature called “Zero Feature Creep”. For example, to eliminate all MCUs that have unwanted Masked Memory, select "0" in the drop-down menu for “MROM” in Sec.3. Similarly, analog features require additional power and cost so removing them, if unneeded would be wise. In this instance you can easily eliminate MCUs with analog to digital converters by selecting "0" in the drop-down menu for “ADC Chans” in Sec. 6. Whenever a drop-down menu has a "0" entry, you may inform the search engine that MCUs with this option are not wanted (if they are not) and should be eliminated from the search.