Ultimate Cross-Vendor MCU Search Engine

GOPHER proprietary database of high-quality parametric data covers:



        •  major MCU manufacturers



        •  unique MCU parts with search parameters



        •  805x, 6502, ARM, DSP, MCU, MIPs & PowerPC as separate searchable categories



        •  MCU links to development tools















Click to Development Tools that Match Your "Best Fit" MCU


Once the "best fit" MCU is found, GOPHER then allows for direct retrieval of development tools related to that MCU. The engineer can also check pricing and availability for the MCU part. And all of this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes!




from MCU Manufacturer's Websites:


Standard Lookup for each MCU -


   Application notes
   Errata sheets
   Software development tools
   Evaluation/development boards
   Application Software




Pricing & availability from distributors


from other Tools Manufacturers:


Each MCU has direct page links to corresponding -


   Real Time Operating Systems
   Software development environments
   Drivers/GUI's/File systems/Networking...
   Logic and Bus Analyzers
   Debugging software/hardware
   Consulting/Design/Fabrication Services
   Printed circuit board layout/fabrication