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Reference Tools for EEs






    Scientific Calculators

    Financial Calculators

    Binary, Octal, Decimal & Hex Calculators

    Eigenvalues/Eigenvectors Calculator

    Quadratic Equation Solver

    Solve Math Problems with instant step

       by step solution.




 Math Equations & Formulas
(from Paul Dawkins at Larmar University)


    Algebra Formulas

    Geometry Formulas (GruntWare)

    Trigonometry Formulas

    Calculus Formulas

    Derivatives and Integrals Formulas

    Laplace Transforms




 Resistor Color Codes


    4 Color Bands

    5 Color Bands








Development Tools for EEs




 Schematic and Diagramming


    EasyEDA (EasyEDA.com)

    CircuitLab (circuitlab.com)




 Spice Simulators


    EasyEDA (EasyEDA.com)

    CircuitLab (circuitlab.com)

    5Spice (5spice.com)




 PCB Layout


    EasyEDA (EasyEDA.com)

    DesignSpark PCB (designspark.com)

    SnapEDA (SnapEDA.com)